Who are we?

We are a family who wants to end child grooming.


We are the Shaffers.  We live in Southern California.  We are mom, dad, and 4 kids.  We participate in our community, in sports, and in school.  We care about helping others and protecting children. Our philosophy is to treat others how you want to be treated. Thomas is the founder and CEO of a California solar company and the Founder and Executive Director of End Child Grooming.  Kara is a full time student on the Dean's List at Penn State World Campus. She's a stay at home mom and she volunteers 4 hours per week at the crises text line.  We care about children everywhere and doing everything possible to prevent sexual grooming and sexual abuse.


End Child Grooming is a cause.  It consists of a this 3 part mission:

  1. Gain support of the pledge to protect children
  2. Educate individuals and organizations
  3. Increase accountability

The first part of our mission is to gain support of the pledge. A pledge is a solemn promise.  It is more than just a nice idea.  It is a commitment, an oath, or a bond.  The End Child Grooming pledge is a pact to eliminate the sexual interrogation of children by unqualified adults.  Sexual interrogation is a major part of child sexual grooming. Ending sexual interrogation means an adult should not ask a child about their masturbation or personal sexual practices unless that adult is a parent or legal guardian, a state-licensed doctor, or a state-licensed therapist.  Organizations that sign the pledge are stating that they are committed eliminating unqualified sexual interrogation of minors within their organization.

Secondly, End Child Grooming aims to educate individuals and organizations in our area about sexual grooming and the cause of protecting children.  We do this through social media, community outreach, educational events, speaking engagements, and word of mouth.  Our events are focused on recognizing child grooming, preventing situations in which it may occur, and reporting it when it does.

Finally, increasing accountability is a natural conclusion to gaining support of the pledge and educating our community.  We believe that the third part of our mission will come when individuals and organizations have committed to the pledge and are educated about recognizing and reporting sexual grooming and abuse. In addition, End Child Grooming will work with local government leaders to align public policy with its pledge.


Every year, millions of children suffer from abuse. Although most adult leaders have the best interest of minors in mind, it only takes a few bad apples for devastating abuses to happen.  These abuses are more likely to happen within organizations that allow minors to be alone with adults in situations that encourage sexual grooming.  That is why eliminating the practice of sexually interrogating minors is so important.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing."