The ECG Watchdog Program

How it works

ECG Organization Watchdog

Organizations are investigated during a "discovery phase" and scored 0-10 across 5 categories of abuse and grooming prevention:

1- No one on one contact
2- Background checks
3- Reporting abuse
4- Prevention education
5- Support of the ECG pledge

After establishing the initial watchdog ratings ECG conducts periodic audits of organizations during an investigative “audit phase.” The findings of the audit will adjust the scores for accuracy.  

To eliminate bias, we will be fully transparent with our scoring methodology and investigation findings.  Findings and scores will be posted here on the ECG website, on social media, and across other platforms.


The 5 categories

1- No one on one contact


One on one contact or communication between an adult and a minor is dangerous.  It opens the door to grooming and abuse.

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2 - Background Checks


All adults who are given access to minors should be required to pass a thorough background check. 0-10 points available based on adoption of this policy.

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3- Reporting Abuse


Organizations who fail to report abuse should be held accountable.  As a policy, all instances of abuse must be reported to the police.  Organizations that have a must report policy and follow it earn 10 points.

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4- Prevention Education


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Prevention education is a must for any healthy organization.  Organizations that universally train parents and leaders and regularly follow up on that training earn 10 points.

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5- Support of the ECG Pledge


Organizations who are committed to End Child Grooming will sign a pledge and keep their commitment. 10 points for signing it and keeping their commitment. 0 points for not signing or not keeping the commitment.

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