Reporting Abuse


Why it's important

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing."

If you see or hear something you must say something.  That is the foundation of a good reporting abuse policy.  Abuse has been strongly correlated to mental healthy issues and suicidal ideations.  The longer it persists the more likely the victim is to have long lasting negative consequences.

Additionally, perpetrators of abuse, no matter how convincing, will continue abusing children unless they are stopped.  They do not commit one time infractions, they go from victim to victim, seeking to exert their power over as many innocent children as possible.

How to report abuse

A healthy organization will require the reporting of all instances of abuse to the police.  Some organizations pretend to have a must report abuse policy, while directing those who report the abuse to attorneys and higher ups within their own organization.  This is how cover-ups and abuse are perpetuated.

If your organization requires reporting abuse to anyone other than the police, do NOT follow their policy.  Go directly to the police with the information about the alleged abuse so it can be stopped in its tracks.

Additionally, children should be taught how to properly report abuse in a way that does not compromise their safety.  These reports of abuse should be taken immediately to the police.

Watchdog Scoring for Reporting Abuse:

10 points Available:

  • 5 points: Allegations of abuse must be reported to the police immediately
  • 5 points: Children have education about and easy access to channels for reporting abuse.