Abuse prevention eduction


Why it's important

A healthy organization must create a culture of abuse prevention.

This culture starts with expansive and ongoing education.  Educating minors and adults about abuse prevention helps to significantly reduce instances of abuse.  It also increases the likelihood that predators will be reported when abuse happens.  A proper educational program teaches the proper prevention, recognition, and reporting of abuse.

Elements of a Successful Abuse Prevention Education Program

The following elements should be incorporated into an abuse prevention education program:

  1. Adults and children of all ages should be included.
  2. The education should include measures to prevent, recognize, and report abuse
  3. The education should be ongoing and consistent not just a one time thing.
  4. Measures should be taken to ensure those who are educated understand and incorporate their training.

Watchdog Scoring for Abuse Prevention Education

10 points Available:

  • 2 points: Does the organization have an abuse prevention education program?
  • 2 points: Does this program include everyone?
  • 2 points: Does this program happen regularly and consistently?
  • 2 points: Are measures taken to ensure understanding and incorporation of the program?
  • 2 points: Is the content of the program adequate in helping participants prevent, recognize, and report abuse?

Schedule a free abuse prevention seminar

If your organization is in our service area we would be happy to help educate your group. We will present to your organization a free 45 minute seminar that incorporates abuse prevention, recognition, and reporting techniques. Provide your email below and we will reach out to you to schedule it. We currently serve the Southern California Area.