Background Checks


Why it's important

"Trust but verify," is a good philosophy when it comes to protecting children from sexual grooming and abuse.  This means, all adults who have a responsibility to work with minors must pass a background check.  A good background check will assist an organization in filtering out individuals with a questionable past.  Many organizations do not include a thorough background check in their vetting process and thereby put children in harms way.

Elements of good background check policy

The following elements should be incorporated into a good background check policy:

  1. It must include ALL individuals who have a position of access to minors BEFORE they assume that role.
  2. Through document verification and an in person interview, the identity and information provided must be verified for accuracy.
  3. The background check must be performed by a reputable company that has access to as many databases in as broad an area as possible.
  4. References should be provided and checked as part of the background check process.

Watchdog Scoring for Background Checks

10 points Available:

  • 2 points: Interview process conducted to evaluate the identity and experience of the individuals.
  • 2 points: Background check completed prior to allowing a role of access to minors.
  • 2 points: References gathered and contacted as part of the process
  • 2 points: Background check is performed by a qualified and reputable company.
  • 2 points: The policy is universally enforced